2015 HFPW Legislative Agenda

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2015 HFPW Legislative Agenda


The Houston Food Policy Workgroup is a coalition hosted by Houston Tomorrow, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The workgroup is dedicated to nurturing the growth of a sustainable local food system, accessible to all, through education, collaboration, communication, and creation of a food policy council for the Houston region.

This legislative agenda process and the agenda itself are designed as educational tools to assist the Texas Legislature in developing policies to improve regional food systems. Through an open, transparent process, the agenda seeks to bring the best ideas forward from a broad constituency representing hunger, quality of life, farmer support, health, and other nonprofits, local government health departments, regional planning entities, farmers, back yard growers, and others.

Houston Tomorrow and other entities and individuals may engage in lobbying activities to support policies that would further our missions. However, this will be independent of the main educational and policy development effort that will culminate in the publication of the 2015 Houston Food Policy Workgroup Texas Legislative Agenda. The Houston Food Policy Workgroup as a whole will not lobby and will not take positions on actual legislation. In no case will Houston Tomorrow or the Houston Food Policy Workgroup support any individual candidate or engage in electioneering.

Agenda development process

February 2014 – First meeting to establish the process, educate on policy development, and propose a starting set of tentative major issues we expect will be the focus of work for the year.

March – June 2014 – Action teams and the general meetings of the workgroup will research issues, bring together stakeholders and experts, and flesh out proposals for inclusion in the agenda.

June 2014 – The second focused workgroup meeting to present and discuss all proposals for inclusion.

June – July 2014 – Editing of ideas, discussions in action teams and online to refine and finalize proposals. The Action Team Champions and all members of the Executive Committee will vote before the July meeting on each proposals merit. All proposals receiving a majority vote will be forwarded to the workgroup.

July 2014 – The third meeting will include time to briefly discuss all final proposals and vote on inclusion in the agenda. Each person present is allowed six votes to allocate however they wish. The top six proposals will then be the draft 2015 Houston Food Policy Workgroup Legislative Agenda. The following Executive Committee meeting will be spent confirming the agenda and attempting to catch any errors or omissions. The Executive Committee reserves the right to reject any agenda item, but only through a vote of all persons present at this meeting voting unanimously in favor or unanimous less one. Any two members may block the executive committees ability to veto an agenda item.

August 2014 – Publication of the 2015 Houston Food Policy Workgroup Legislative Agenda in print, online, mailed to legislators and media, and presented at all appropriate gatherings, including the proposed 2014 Food & Sustainable Prosperity Conference, if it occurs.

September – December 2014 – Partner events, publications, and efforts will be used to broaden the educational reach of the agenda, and we will serve as expert witnesses to assist in policy development.

January – June 2015 – The 84th Texas Legislative Session

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