Food Deserts

Various local and federal policies as well as market trends over time lead to large parts of the Houston region becoming food deserts – areas where residents do not have easy access to healthy food options, due to lack of grocery stores, transportation options, or both. Local governments should integrate the food desert concept into all policies, such as citing of transit and other transportation improvements. This group will work to educate the public, elected officials, transit providers, and retailers on this issue, and to support the work of our partners already in this field by building a unified coalition supporting their work.

This group will work to support Healthy Corner Store and Healthy Checkout Aisle type projects by focusing attention on the idea, supporting efforts to do this, and possibly gathering allies who can do pilot programs. This group will also enthusiastically support the efforts of the City of Houston to develop a program of incentives for large-scale grocery stores to deploy in food deserts, including helping to get the word out, bringing speakers from the city and elsewhere, and working on best practices.

Champions: Carra Moroni and Jasmine Opusunju