Plant fruit trees in public spaces across the region

Every park is an opportunity for a food forest. This group will develop a campaign to make fruit tree planting easier across the region, assessing city ordinances, deed restrictions, and other neighborhood codes related to fruit trees. The goal is to develop a best practices report for local governments.

This group may pursue the vision of a Houston Regional Trail Mix Trail, building upon the successful Missouri City Edible Arbor Trail. The vision is a 100-mile trail on which you could walk or bike across the Houston region with various public fruit and nut tree parks along the way. Another vision the group may pursue is the neighborhood pocket orchard, possibly using programs like the LARA lots or COH floodway lands. Aside from public policies, this group will attempt to increase awareness of online resources for sharing fruit such as and to market ideas to Neighborhood Associations on what resources exist and how they can do more.

Champions: Aria Jefferson and Mark Juedeman